Coaching Services


You've done the inner healing work and are now ready to work toward action steps to build the life you want! This is an exciting time, indeed! 

It can also be overwhelming and doubts or past fears can begin to creep in on bad days. We can grow weary when it seems like no matter what we do there is a new obstacle to face. 

Other times we don't even know where to start, we just know we need to start somewhere! 

Coaching can help you move from where you are to where you want to be. 

Flourish Coaching

  • Continued Renewing of the mind through 21 day cycles of taking thoughts captive

  • Gain Clarity & Define what you want out of life. What does "living your values" look like for you?

  • Strategic Planning to conquer your goals in cultivating and nurturing an empowered YOU. 

  • Identify & Defeat Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

  • Develop your skill set to make your dreams your reality.

  • Find meaning in your experiences.

Leadership Revolution Coaching

  • Empowerment to become a leader in your sphere of influence

  • Leadership development to create programs, services, and training YOU see the need for. Do you want to lead a small group or Bible study? Go back to school, change your career, start a business, not-for-profit, or ministry?

  • Finding your voice & sharing your story

  • Equipping to raise up future generations of healthy leaders

Free 15 minute phone consultation 

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes 

Session rate is $95.00

Payable by Cash, Check, or Zelle



10 weekly sessions prepaid $750.00* save $200.00

8 weekly sessions prepaid $610.00* save $150.00

6 weekly sessions prepaid $470.00* save $100.00

4 weekly sessions prepaid $350.00* save $50.00

*If paying my Credit Card, PayPal, or Invoiced a processing fee will apply, it is not reflected in the rate above. No additional charge applied if paid by cash, check, or Zelle.

Contact me at (260) 449-0489,, or the contact form below, please be sure to specify coaching inquiry.