Coaching Approach

Stacy has been trained in the integration of Theology and Psychology within the parameters of a Biblical worldview, therefore my approach is integrative in nature with an "Egalitarian" Biblical foundation.  Stacy does not counsel from a "Complementarian," "Nouthetic," or patriarchal and hierarchical stance. Stacy believes women and men were created in the image of YHWH/God to co-lead, and that Holy Spirit/Rauch Ha-Kodesh singularly equips a woman/wife to understand Scripture, teach, and lead. 

A Biblical foundation acknowledges Scripture as the sole authority for our spirituality and how to conduct our lives while recognizing lasting change is the result of the power of God (YHWH), the grace of Jesus (Yeshua), and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (Rauch Ha-Kodesh) working in our lives. Stacy believes "Spiritual Laws" can & will be found in science of psychology. As her mentor, Dr. Townsend said "True truth is always found in the Bible first. If it is not True truth, it will fall away." Stacy's role as a coach is to utilize guided questions, empathetic support, problem clarification, reflection, reading assignments, encouragement, to provide wise coaching a to those who are hurting. 


While Stacy has received her MA in Counseling & is pursuing state licensure, Stacy does not offer professional advice as a licensed therapist. The Coaching provided by Stacy through Matta Yehovah Hope & Healing Center is not professional counseling.  Coaching IS provided from a Biblical perspective, not a professional psychotherapy perspective.